Volunteer Positions Available:

If interested click the postion title, log into PMI's Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) using your PMI credentials, and submit an application.   You can click the hyperlink with each position, or search or positions by specifying where you would like to volunteer (i.e. United States - Mississippi), the Chapter name (i.e. Central Mississippi Chapter), and optionally the VRMS ID indicated next to each position.

Nominating Committee Member (11452): Nominating Committee members volunteer to serve in this important governance function which can influence the direction of the chapter thru the selection of elected board members. The committee is comprised for three (3) members, none of whom are permitted to be included in the slate of nominees for the annual elections.  The Nominating Committee will select among their members a committee chairman who will be responsible for planning the activities of the committee.

Networking Event Volunteer (15983): The Networking Event Volunteer is a general volunteer position for those individuals who want to assist with the planning and execution of networking events for the Central Mississippi Chapter. These events can include both PMI members and non-members throughout Central Mississippi's coverage area.

 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about available general volunteer opportunities.

The following positions are accepting nominations for the 2019 Calendar Year.  Each position serves for a two (2) year term which starts in January.  An interview by members of the nominating committee will be required.

Vice President - Technology (1591)The VP of Technology is responsible for the maintenance, coordination and tracking of Chapter assets and providing technology recommendations for contracting or purchasing hardware, software and networking services and interfaces required by the Chapter. The VP of Technology is required to attend Chapter Board Meetings and is a voting member.

Vice-President - Membership and Recruiting (15952): The VP of Membership and Recruiting is responsible for the development and maintenance of a Chapter membership plan that: 1) recognizes members 2) assures retention of the current membership communities; and 3) continues growth of new members through recruiting and partnering with major Central Mississippi employers and institutions. The VP of Membership is required to attend Chapter Board Meetings and is a voting member.

Vice-President - Education and Certification (15953): The VP of Education and Certification is responsible for promoting project management professionalism through the development of educational publications, seminars and workshops designed to help Chapter members achieve professional certification. The VP of Education and Certification is required to attend Chapter Board Meetings and is a voting member.

Vice-President - Administration (15950)The VP of Administration shall keep the records of all business meetings, voting results, and meetings of the Chapter Board for the Chapter. The VP of Administration shall also be responsible for maintaining the Chapter Bylaws, Operations Manual and Plan, as well as other Chapter business records. The VP of Administration is required to attend Chapter Board Meetings and is a voting member.

President-Elect/President/President Emeritus (15948)Terms of office of the President is a three (3) year commitment – first year as President Elect, accede to the position of President for the second year, and to Past President for the third year. No portion of that commitment may be repeated midterm by an incumbent. The President Elect will be elected every year. President Elect, President and Past President are subject to the same Term Limits as defined for the Board in General.  The President Elect shall assist the President with managing the Chapter Board and its actions when required. The President Elect is responsible for planning and coordinating activities intended to support the profession via professional development. The President Elect is required to attend Chapter Board meetings and is a voting member.  The immediate Past President (President Emeritus) is an ex-officio non-voting member of the board and is not accounted for in terms of quorum count. The immediate Past President is the chair of the nominations committee and is required to facilitate the onboarding process for newly elected board members.

The following leadership positions are currently open and can be filled at any time.  Each position is for 12 months and starts upon confirmation by the board. Applications will be required to be interviewed by the vice-president over the area for which they are applying.

Director - Marketing Community and Educational Outreach (15973): The Director of Marketing Community and Educational Outreach is responsible for developing and managing the outreach activities to community and educational organizations to promote PMI. This position works closely with the marketing and communications leadership of the chapter to develop and execution a strategy intended to promote PMI for the purpose of increasing sponsorship and membership.

Director of Hospitality (15974): Formerly identified as the Seargent at Arms, the Director of Hospitality is responsible for the smooth running of the monthly chapter meetings by coordinating and facilitating activities planned by chapter leaders with members. This position requires attendance at all monthly chapter meeting of other events which fall under the VP-Programs.

Director of Programs (15975): The Director of Programs is responsible for identifying and arraigning venues and catering for Chapter meetings and events. Attendance is preferred at all monthly chapter meeting of other events which fall under the VP-Programs.

Director of Content (15977): The Director of Content is responsible for maintaining the digital content of the chapter as well as the quality of the content submitted for inclusion in chapter communications. This position also serves as a backup to the VP-Communications and is involved in the gathering of content for the benefit of the Chapter membership.

Director - Chapter Volunteers (15978): The Director of Chapter Volunteers is responsible for the identification, recruitment, and support of volunteers for chapter events, committees and supported PMI activities. In addition, the position is responsible for maintaining the posting and managing applications in the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).

Director - Finance (15981): The Director of Finance primary responsibilities are to backup and assist the VP-Finance in the performance of their duties.

Director - Administration (15982): The Director of Finance primary responsibilities are to backup and assist the VP-Administration in the performance of their duties and maintain the repository of chapter governing documents.

Advantages of volunteering include:

1.  Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs)

2.  Networking

3.  Learn new skills

4.  Enhance Professional Skills

5.  Maintain connections with those involved with the chapter

6.  Help those in your community

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