June 2021 Online Chapter Meeting

June 2021 Online Chapter Meeting
Blockchain Technology in Project Management

This presentation 
addressethe implementation of smart contracts by integrating Building Information
Modeling and blockchain. After briefly reviewing the concepts of blockchain technology, smart contracts,
and integration of the BIM and blockchain, a blockchain network using Hyperledger fabric is proposed
and tested to govern a sample construction project. The proposed framework does not utilize the
cryptocurrency aspect of the blockchain as the payment form. Instead, it discusses the integration of the
current banking system and the use of fiat currencies in transactions. This presentation shows that
blockchain is a viable system for governing construction project contracts by automating the
consequences of each transaction and maintaining a tamper proof record of project progress, which
would be valuable in any kind of dispute resolution. The blockchain network introduced in this
presentation implements the smart contract as its network operation logic. As a result, the notion of
translating all the traditional contract clauses to the computer program is shown to be unnecessary and
to some extent not suitable for construction, due to the complexity, fluidity, and high uncertainties
involved in each project.

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Alireza Shojaei

Assistant Professor

Alireza Shojaei joined the Building Construction Science Department at Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor in 2018. He has a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and received his Master’s degree in construction management with distinction from the University of Reading in the UK. He then went on to receive his Ph.D. from the University of Florida. While there, he also received his Master of Science in management. His research program is focused on digital engineering, construction automation, digital twin and smart cities, construction informatics, computer-based modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, and project management and economics. He is invested in the challenge of revolutionizing the architecture, engineering, and construction industry toward a more resilient built environment, specifically through digital innovations. He has received the 2020 Mississippi State University Research Award and two best paper awards as a result of his scholarly contributions. He has served NASA as a review panelist. He is currently a member of the ASCE Construction Research Council and the ASCE Data Sensing and Analysis, Global Center for Excellence in Computing, and Digital Project Delivery Committees. Furthermore, he is serving as a reviewer and technical committee member of multiple prestigious journals and conferences.

Saeed Rokooei

Assistant Professor

Saeed Rokooei is an Assistant Professor in the Building Construction Science program with professional and academic experience in architecture and construction areas. His professional responsibilities include project planning and management as well as architectural design practice in private and public construction and engineering firms. He has taught in architecture and construction programs since 2006. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and then continued his studies in Project and Construction Management. He completed his Ph.D. in Engineering (Construction Management) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his Master of Science in Management Information Systems at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Saeed’s primary research interests include simulation and serious games, project management methodologies, construction education, data analytics, creativity and innovation in construction project management.

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