PMI Central Mississippi Chapter

The PMI Central Mississippi Chapter began as a PMI Community initiated when the PMI GNO (Greater New Orleans) chapter requested approval for outreach to Jackson, MS in 2007.  The request was approved and project planning for the community took place during the 3rd and 4th quarter of that year.  The GNO Jackson MS Community was started early in 2008 through the efforts of John Mahoney in conjunction with support from the PMI Greater New Orleans chapter.  The first dinner meeting for the group was held in February 2008, with an attendance of over 30.  Monthly meetings were well-attended with a good core group of attendees and new faces each month.  In 2010, the community leaders, with Melinda Simmons serving as project manager, began the process with PMI to be chartered as a PMI chapter, the first in Mississippi.  They were awarded the charter in April 2011.  The group continues working to make education opportunities available, to focus on membership increases and bring the importance of project management to the forefront in the Jackson business community.